Sunday, February 3, 2013

Perhaps A Little Forethought Would Have Been a Good Idea

A few weeks ago, I began a sweater with great excitement. You can see it here. I was exciting about picking out the colors, that I kind of rushed into it. Now I am having huge second thoughts.

For one thing, I think that the sleeves are a little too wild in terms of color:

I'm trying to tone it down for the body. You can see in the top photo that I'm using only one hue for each square.

In my rush, I forgot about a little thing called gauge. For reasons I can't explain, it looks like the body will be OK, but the sleeves seem too small. This is what keeps me from sweaters: too risky!

I wish I could spend my afternoon knitting. It's 13 degrees outside, and I'm just not up to braving the cold to go walking or skiing -- either of which would do me some good. However, I have some work to do, so I think I'll make a cup of tea and dig in.

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