Saturday, February 2, 2013

Other People's Designs

In knitting, I never have mixed feelings about using a pattern written by someone else. In fact, that is the only way I do knit. I don't feel that I understand the architecture of knitting well enough to design knitted items. Besides, there are SO many great designs out there that I want to knit; I have no motivation to create my own.

For some reason, I feel differently about jewelry. I do love making my own polymer clay beads and putting together original designs, but I also love making other people's designs. Like the one pictured: Cubism Refined, a bracelet pattern published in the December 2012 issue of Bead & Button magazine.

I love the way it turned out so much that I've bought materials to make a few more in different colors. I couldn't resist stocking up. The owner of my local bead store is retiring, so everything in the store is on sale!
 The closure is so clever: Pearls are used to secure the beads to the clasp.

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