Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day is Coming Up

While this idea is not original, I still love these hearts. I thought I might gift a few to some special people in my life.

A few decades ago, Tory Hughes pioneered the methods for using polymer clay to make faux natural materials -- faux corral, faux turquoise, and faux ivory and bone -- the later of which I borrowed for these hearts. I especially like the idea of using polymer clay instead of using precious materials like corral and ivory.

One thing I really love about these pendants is that they are easy to wear -- they match so many different color schemes and they are casual enough to wear every day.


  1. really cute hearts--a great Valentine gift!

  2. I love your heart pendants! The "doodling" is very, very cute. I agree, they could be worn with just about anything.