Sunday, January 16, 2022

Covid and Knitting -- Not In That Order

 I have a finished object:

I have knit sweaters before, but this is the first one that actually fits! It is the Fullerton Cardigan, which was published in the now-defunct Knitscene magazine. It is an easy, well-written pattern that would be a great first sweater. The yarn, Croft West Yorkshire Spinners, is a beautiful, lofty worsted weight. It is pretty scratchy, but it was fine over the turtleneck. I'll soak it to try to soften it up.

There has been a lot of knitting -- all on another sweater, Design 10, which turned out to be a total disaster. It's in time out while I decide whether to try to fix or frog it.

Last weekend I mentioned that I took my mom to the hospital for a colonoscopy. I didn't add that the outpatient surgery center was crowded and there were no Covid safety measures. There were people with masks on their chins and large family groups hanging around.  I knew it wasn't safe, but how do you walk out on your 85-year-old mother?

On Tuesday evening, I realized I had a sore throat, which lasted for a few days. I was also very tired. So, I either had a cold or Covid. I couldn't get a test until Thursday and now, 36 hours later, I still don't have results. I do know that I got it at the hospital because I had been homebound for the two weeks preceding the colonoscopy with a kidney stone.

Here's the worst part: I'm supposed to visit Seth in Chicago on Tuesday. Obviously I don't want to expose him to Covid. I decided that I'm going to go whether I have Covid or not. I'll drive to the Air Bnb, which seems safe to me. By the end of my visit I can go to museums, under CDC guidance. I've been homebound for more than three weeks now, so any change of scene will be appreciated!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Let's Hope for a Better Year

 I usually consider my year to be the Jewish year, but this year I'm going with 2022. The first few months of the Jewish year weren't so great: broken hip for Keith; back injury and kidney stone for me; the death of one of my son's best friends from way back; and a colonoscopy for my 85-year-old mother When does my real retirement begin?

Wisconsin is once again one of the worst states for Covid. Just like we were a year ago. This meant no New Years celebrations for us. Keith went to his parents for X-mas, but I stayed home. I went to the funeral for Seth's friend and it was packed. Even though all those Death Metal kids were wearing masks, I was worried about exposing my in-laws. (Yes, Seth was in a Death Metal band, An End to Flesh. I'm glad he didn't stay with that as a career).

But some things are good, like our loving kittens.

And embroidering my newest design:

And, of course, Keith, Seth, and Rachel. 

There is knitting, but that is for another time.