Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Vanilla Sock

Sometimes it's hard to choose between form and function. Most knitted items are meant to be used, so I want to produce something useful and sturdy. But knitting is also about beauty. About color and texture and lovely yarn.

However, in the case of socks, I'm trying something new for my go-to socks. A few people have told me that the plain stockinette socks just don't stay up as well as they should. So, I'm doing a k2-p2 pattern instead. I suspect it will be a more practical sock.

But, alas, it seems a bit of a waste to use self-striping yarn (Flamingo in Shepherd Sock, Lorna's Laces), but I'm going to stick with it and see if this might be a better basic sock.

Any thoughts?


  1. Ribbed socks are my all-time favourites! Definitely not a waste of self-striping yarn. Just wait. If you're like me, these'll be the first ones you grab every Monday from the clean laundry pile!

  2. I have been ogling that "flamingo" yarn for years. I love Lorna's Laces, especially their pink yarns.

  3. This is what makes vanilla socks so nice are the great yarns we use. No need for the fancy-smancy stitches. I found last year that it's true about the stockinette stitched socks. They slide right down. Looking forward to seeing your socks when they're done !

  4. I agree with the others. The pretty yarn makes the plain vanilla look like it has sprinkles on top! Ribbing is definitely needed, even if only a few inches of it, I've found.