Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crazy Timing for a Hat

The last month has been kind of crazy. Too many long days at school. My dad is still recovering from his fall last October. But mostly, just school. All to often I come home and melt onto the couch.

However, there has been knitting, including this:

It's a Rikke Hat, designed by Happy Knits. You can find it here.

It's actually my second one. The first was sent out as a birthday gift to my sister-in-law, Mary. Hers was green and mine is (obviously) red, but both are knit from Madelinetosh Merino DK. Unfortunately, I failed to snap a FO of her gift. Suffice it to say that I loved the pattern so much I had to make one for me.

Even though it's almost spring here, I'm knitting a wool hat. Oh well. It's perfect TV knitting -- and that's been all I've been up for many nights!


  1. Love that hat pattern-- thanks for the link! I know what you mean about melting on the couch at night. I melt in my green armchair.

  2. Aren't hats the perfect project when you just need to unwind? And boy, do they make wonderful gifts!