Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love Those Colors But ...

Wow, another week has gone by without a post, and I'm feeling sad about that. It's the result of continuing craziness at school and the fact that my dad is still recovering from the fall he took in October. I always thought that life would be calmer once my kids were out of the house. I was wrong about that! Besides, I miss those two.

But there has been knitting. I realized that I haven't ever knit a pair of socks for my dear friend Debbie, so I had to get right on that. I pulled out a skein of Poems Sock yarn by Wisdom Yarn, an impulse buy at the last Knitting Guild meeting I attended. It's a rustic yarn with beautiful long color changes.

The yarn is a bit splitty, but not unmanageable. However, it seems awfully thick at some points -- sort of like knitting socks with lace-weight. It occurred to me to look up the yarn on Ravelry. I really need to do that before I buy yarn! There is nothing like the wisdom of other knitters. They also complained about the thinness, but more worryingly, they noted that it breaks easily and many said they'd never use it for socks. However, some knitters were perfectly happy with the socks they made.

What do to???


  1. : ) How much did you knit then? Make them to be wristwarmers and get a more solid yarn for socks. It would be nice to give away something that lasted a while , right. The colour is very nice. Love the balance between the blues and purpleish pink....
    I´m also knitting socks with a yarn that has chunks here and there.... and rather thin else where-
    I knew that, and still I did cast on. Love the color you see and I needed a project for a flight and hotel stay a few weeks ago...

  2. You're doing much better than I am with socks. I just can't find a pattern that I like, and my window for wearing wool socks is closing quickly!