Friday, July 4, 2014

The Anti-FO

Back in January, I said I was going to get to work on my many UFOs in 2014. Well, the year is half over and I have finished exactly zero UFOS! I took a pair of baby socks with me on our trip to Door County this week. I knit the first one three or four years ago. Here is where I'm at:

Even though I cast on the same number of stitches, the second sock is significantly smaller than the first one. Apparently my gauge has changed. For a while, I kept on knitting, thinking that I'd just block the heck out of sock number 2. But the more I knit, the worse the size discrepancy became. Finally, I realized that this pair of socks was not worth much of my time. The yarn is left-over from a pair of socks, so I don't even have any financial investment in this project.

I am going to frog the whole project! I don't do this very often, and I'd forgotten how freeing it is! I may have to frog a few more UFOs!


  1. If you don't like 'em, frog 'em!!!

    Regarding you comment on my blog: I'm so sorry your mom has a torn rotator cuff, but TOTALLY understand her not wanting surgery. I'm not sure I would have opted for surgery either and I'm only 58. Thankfully, I didn't have to make a decision on that.

    I hope she can find some relief with painkillers or icing. I could not believe how painful a shoulder could be until mine started acting up.

  2. I just frogged 400 yards of a shawl, it felt good to start over and get it right this time.

  3. Sometimes frogging is the only way to go! My UFOs keep multiplying rather mysteriosly. LOL

  4. Be free! Yay! Use your knitting power and time for the good and not the unnecessary which includes frustrating or "off".

    You are the June giveaway winner. I'll look for you on ravelry for a mailing address! Congratulations and happy knitting!

  5. They say there's a pair of feet that'll fit every pair of socks, but I'm inclined to doubt you'd find the feet (or legs) for those socks. RRRIP!

  6. Good for you ! If it doesn't make you happy RIIIPPP . I just frogged a shawl that wasn't giving me that I love it feeling , so into the frog pond it went . There was a reason for it sitting in the knitting basket for better than 2 years . The pattern wasn't the right one for the yarn , found another pattern and it is seeing the light of day again .

  7. Hi I cannot find you I'm ravelry. I'm elns. Please contact me there or leave me a comment on how to contact you so I can mail you your prize :)