Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Knitting and Eggs

I am struggling with my vacation knitting, the Ojos de Dios Shawl. It begins with a line of 17 triangles, each picked up from the one before it. A number of knitters have said on Ravelry that this is a fun and easy knit.

That is definitely not my experience. I'm struggling with the cast-on of each triangle and finding the first knit row of each triangle difficult. However, I do think it is really gorgeous! I am, at least, happy with my color choice.

Yesterday we drove down the coast to Egg Harbor ...

... where there are beautifully decorated eggs. This one is dressed up with polymer clay!
And who could resist stopping at a candy store called the Chocolate Chicken?

We are being very leisurely and doing little more than relaxing. Keith was doing long bike rides each day, but yesterday one of his spokes broke. Apparently that puts the entire bike out of commission. So, now I get to spend more time with him!  He'll have to amuse himself when I'm doing the homework for my class, but I think he'll be totally fine with taking another nap!


  1. That shawl's in my future, too, so I'll be following your progress carefully. Looks like we should have explored Egg Harbor more carefully. We only spent one night in the area due to time constraints. Door County is very pretty though. Seems like you're having great weather?

  2. That Egg from Egg harbor is adorable. I'll take a nap too

  3. Oh if I had a nickel for every time Ravelry has sold me on something "fun and easy" and I've sworn like a sailor at it. Anyhow, it looks beautiful. I hope it becomes more fun and easier for you, it's lovely.

  4. chocolate chicken!!! I'm all over that!!! yuum!

  5. I miss beautiful Door Co, glad you had fun.