Friday, July 18, 2014

A Break for Knitting and Iced Tea

My summer classes have been sucking up most of my waking moments, but I did take some time this afternoon to meet up for knitting and chatting with a friend.

Yes, I'm STILL plugging away at my Ojo de Dios Shawl. But, the end is in sight! Which frankly surprises me because I thought I would be knitting away at the garter section for the rest of the calendar year. However, I started casting off this afternoon.

I wish I could keep going, but I have my big presentation on Monday, so that has to come first. The sooner I finish planning for it, the sooner I can relax and knit!


  1. Don't you just hate when real life gets in the way of having fun knitting??? LOL Good luck with your presentation on Monday! :-)

  2. Get that planning done and before you know it you can treat yourself to knitting and maybe even new yarn!

  3. Won't it be nice to reward yourself with knitting time once your work is done?! Nice to have a little meet-up with a like-minded friend!

  4. I know how it goes with being too busy to knit - I have been the same all summer. I am glad you were able to find time to work on that lovely shawl. You picked a great color!

  5. Love the way your shawl is coming along! All the ingredients for mine are waiting patiently for me to get going.... Hope your presentation went well and that you'll now have a little more time to knit!