Sunday, July 13, 2014

Here Is Where You'll Find Me

On the weekdays, I'm spending my time at Olbrich Gardens, an incredibly beautiful facility here in Madison:
These is where the Greater Madison Writing Project meets each summer.  We get free time, when we can go out into the gardens and read or write.
However, we get 6 graduate credits for this -- and there is enough work to justify each one of those credits!

I'm not complaining; just explaining.


  1. Hmm, it says my comment has been saved, but since I didn't yet write one, I'll try again. Looks like a great place to read/write or even knit although I'm sure you don't have time for the latter. Good luck with the coursework; I well remember their challenges.

  2. What a beautiful facility!

  3. It is a beautiful place to be creative, take you knitting and knit a few rows outside to clear your head.

  4. Gorgeous surrounds to write in, and yay for six credits!!

  5. very pretty I'm sure it helps make those credits worth it!