Monday, July 7, 2014


Some years ago, blogger Rose Red coined the term "GAAK," which stands for Growth As A Knitter. I absolutely love this term so I am resuming my campaign to bring this acronym into common usage. I think it is just as useful as KAL (knit-along) or SSK (slip, slip, knit).

I experienced some GAAK over the weekend. Having finished the 17 triangles for the Ojo de Dios Shawl, I had to start the garter section. Garter is, of course, a cinch, but this shawl is shaped by short rows, and I have long been perplexed by the whole wrap-and-turn thing. Wrapping and turning is quite simple, but picking up those wraps has been mysterious to me.

However, I carved out an hour to sit down with my knitting and computer. I just kept watching videos on picking up wraps, and I eventually found one that made sense to me. Now, I can hardly wait to get to those wraps. It's funny how something can go from impossible to easy in a second -- if you keep trying, of course.

Is there a technique that took you some time to master?


  1. Kitchener. I read it and read it. It took YouTube to make sense of it.

  2. I'm with Dee, only I need to relearn it every time I do it! Something about old dogs and new tricks, I guess. So glad to read about your progress on this one as it's sitting in a bag waiting for start.

  3. Wrap & turn is my avoid at all costs knitting technique . If I see it it anywhere in a pattern , I look for another one . It's the picking up of the wraps , I don't get it and can't seem to get them to look neat . One of these days ....

  4. I know this feeling exactly. When it's right and when you can see that it's right, then it's awesome. I used to be afraid of short rows, but one Hansi Singh amigurumi pattern later and short rows don't scare me.

  5. It is looking fantastic, and I have experienced GAAC (Growth as a crocheter) this weekend frogging four hundred yards of a shawl that looked like a big piece of pizza and finally getting the beautiful pattern correct.

  6. Rosered is absolutely full of wisdoms like this, you know ;-) GAAK is also a particular favourite of mine.

    I've recently forced/challenged myself to master magic loop... It may not seem like a hard technique for most, but i wilfully and stubbornly avoided it for years!

  7. Love that term GAAK...I'm going to start using it. There are so many techniques that I haven't mastered yet but I'm really proud that I've conquered my fear of intarsia knitting with the blanket I'm working on. I've never done anything with short rows in them, they sounds tricky!