Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Baby Blanket

The gift-knitting extravaganza continues: 
One of my co-workers is expecting a baby in January, so I "had" to start a second baby blanket of the year.

I'm going with a quilt-type look, just plain squares. I finished my last baby blanket in August (also for a co-worker) and it was a log-cabin design. I'm doing mitered squares, which I have done a lot of. I just love them and find that they are fairly mindless.

I'm using the same yarn I did for the last blanket -- Lion Brand Jiffy -- which I love for its thick and sturdy qualities. It has the added bonus of being stash busting --unless I find that my left-over yarn isn't enough and I need to "invest" in more Jiffy.

Mindless knitting does have its drawbacks -- i.e. boredom -- so it's a good thing that Keith and I recently began watching Breaking Bad!


  1. i've just dragged out my mitered square blanket!!!! (it took a rest this summer).....I love the mindless knitting, too!!! Yours in going to be lovely!!!

  2. Lovely, all though I don't envy you the finishing - all those ends!