Sunday, October 6, 2013

Same Hat, Different Color

Yikes! I did not blog at all last week. Just one of those weeks. Lots of work. Spent time with family. Who knows where the hours go?

There was some knitting, though.

This is yet another Turn a Square Hat by Jared Flood. Again I'm using the yarns called for in the pattern: Cascade 220 (black in this case) and Noro Silk Garden in a gray/blue colorway. At this point, I am not at all tired of knitting this pattern, so maybe I really will be able to knit four more!

However, I have enough gift projects that I'm going to need some tv/videos. A friend keeps encouraging me to watch Breaking Bad. A long time ago, I watched the first episode and it was just too dark for me. My friend says it's worth it. Have you seen Breaking Bad? What did you think?


  1. Way too dark for "The Newsroom". I loved it!

  2. My husband loved Breaking Bad ... me? not so much. I much prefer Justified! Or even Deadwood! But they're pretty dark as well. Better eye candy though.

    Love the new hat colours, but four more!?! Good for you!