Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Bit of Beading

When I am really stressed, I find that following a pattern to make jewelry is relaxing.
I've put these little bracelets together over the past week, using a pattern that I Xeroxed from a book a while ago. I think that the pattern may from Hip to Bead, but I'm not sure.

Why so much stress? Well, it goes without saying that work is stressful. The continuing cuts to education funding makes each year harder than the one before.

And then I have yet another health problem. I mean, really, wasn't breaking my leg in April enough? Apparently not. I had a CAT scan a week ago to see if I had a concussion (smacked my head into the mantel while cleaning -- doesn't everyone do that?). The concussion was mild, but it turns out I have severe arthritis in my right jaw. And I am nowhere near old enough to have such a severe case.

For some reason, that news really upset me. But I've begun physical therapy and it is feeling more manageable. A friend says I should use it as an excuse to go to a milkshake diet ... which is tempting!

The bracelets are a simple right-angle weave with 2 x 2 squares, embellished with fire-polished glass beads. They helped. And they have fewer calories than a milkshake!

1 comment:

  1. I hear you on doing more and more with less and less. The program I work (Emotional Disorders) in is a district program and bases behavior modifications on a "token economy" but there is no money in the budget to purchase goodies for the kids!!!

    Today is the last day of my 6 week medical leave, so back to the grind tomorrow.

    LOVE your bracelets. I too bead, know if I wear any jewelry and a kiddo gets wild any jewelry may be broken.

    Take care and craft on!