Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Purse Knitting

 This sock has seen a lot of doctors. 

Oh, there's nothing wrong with the sock. It's just the project that I carry around town with me so that I can knit whenever I have a few extra moments. Because of breaking my leg earlier this year, I've spent a lot of time in doctor's offices!

I used to get a lot more purse knitting done, but then I got my iPhone and discovered Bejeweled, which is an incredibly addictive game. When I first got hooked on it, I emailed my friend Dori, who had been playing for a while, saying that I had a "little Bejeweled problem." She replied: "Oh, there is no such thing as a LITTLE Bejeweled problem!"

I really want to cut back on the Bejeweled, though, because the knitting really is a better use of my time!


  1. I've got the same problem! No wonder our students don't read anymore! We know better and still succumb!

  2. Socks are the perfect portable project, although I tend to knit them 'magic loop' fashion - I have had enough of trying to locate a DPN under the seat in a railway carriage! Ditch bejewelled, you know you want to!