Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The Trouble With Monogamous Knitting

You've seen a photo similar to this:

But what is a monogamous knitter to do? I've been knitting steadily on my Garland Shawl, and today I hit the halfway point!

Monogamous knitting is not typical of me -- and I think that blogging is part of the reason. Really. Who wants to see the same project over and over, with just a few more inches each time?

I could probably be 75% of the way done if I haven't had to frog and re-knit so much. I don't know why I've been making so many mistakes. I can't blame the designer as the pattern is very clear. I guess it's just my ADD brain.

Is it my imagination: The garter section looks ragged. Hopefully it will all block out!

I've finally gotten on board with Tami Amis's Work-In-Progress Wednesdays. You can join in the fun here.


  1. Blocking is the cure for everything! Sometimes my brain just doesn't get in sync with a pattern either. Not the pattern's fault. Sometimes a little break, a change of pace, and it all goes swimmingly when you come back to it!

    Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

  2. Well I think it looks great when half done, and it will incentivize you to make it up even more quickly! Prett color.

  3. Love the color...I just get bored, so I have several projects going at once....

  4. Just so long as you are enjoying this project, I don't mind seeing it. I actually enjoy seeing the natural progression of the project, it is more satisfying than seeing the beginning and then FO.