Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday WIP

I am just in love with the Garland Shawl, which I'm knitting as part of a KAL. The construction is so clever. The shawl is knit from end to end, with three sections that run the full length: an i-cord edging, a garter stitch section, and the leafy garland border. This isn't the best picture because I had to use a flash. I'll get a better one when it stops raining here!

Today we had the Farewell Celebration for our 8th-graders. I'm tired, but in a good way. This was a great group of kids -- really, the best ever -- and I am sad that my time with them has come to an end. My broken leg kept me from participating in the more crowded events of the day, but I made sure I could participate in the ceremony and the reception for the parents. Teaching can be so hard; many days leave me feeling like I'm not helping anyone. But to receive so many hugs and thank-you's makes it all seem worthwhile.


  1. I had a similar conversation with a friend who's just starting out in teaching. I don't think you can help every single kid, every single day - the best you can hope is that each student finds the teacher they need somewhere in their school day. It takes all kinds, right?

    Lovely green for the shawl - very fresh! We're rain-soaked too. I'd like to see some sun again, although the weather is doing wonders for my garden!

  2. I'm sure you are making a huge difference in those kid's lives. I still remember each of my high school teachers very fondly and thank them for the time and effort they put into my education. Congrats on another successful class!