Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yesterday was my first full day of summer vacation -- and I spent most of the day doing creative stuff and listening to NPR, except for an hour visit from my friend Debbie. I still can't drive, so I'm always happy when someone stops by!

I started out the day by doing this Zentangle. I can't explain how much I love this Zentangle stuff. It is relaxing and meditative, as it is supposed to be. But it is also a great artistic tool. I've explored pattern and texture and shading and tones -- and probably other things that I've picked up subconsciously.

As nice as yesterday was, I really need to get going on how to get sales on my Etsy site. I am awful at self-promotion, so this is quite a challenge for me!


  1. Oh that is so pretty! It definitely looks nice and relaxing too. You are so good at it. Running a successful Etsy store is difficult, and the harsh reality is that there are often more sellers than there are buyers. But I'm sure you can do it, you have a lot of creativity to bring to the table!

  2. Love your new banner! I still think that you should also be teaching art along with special ed. My gosh your drawing skills are amazing!

  3. One promotional tip: link to your Etsy site when you mention it! I looked it up in your profile because I was curious but I'm sure you would get more clicks if it was linked and easier for people to click on a whim. :)