Sunday, June 23, 2013

KAL Coming Along

My Garland Shawl is coming along beautifully. I'm on the eighth repeat for the edging, out of (I think) 19 total.  The border seemed hard the first time I worked through it, but it turned out to be fairly easy -- I'd recommend this pattern to a fairly new lace knitter.

The beads do slow things down -- but I think they are totally worth it. The shawl's designer, Michelle, has come up with a perfect way to contain and use beads using an Altoids-type tin. You can see it here. But if you decided to knit it without beads, it would go very quickly.

I've mostly knit this sitting on our front porch -- my main way of getting outdoors. However, I am walking a little more each day. As I've said before, I do not recommend breaking your leg. It is nowhere near as fun as you might think!


  1. I am loving this green, it is very pretty. I'm sorry to hear that your leg is still giving you trouble, it is great that you are exercising it but not pushing yourself too hard. Take care!

  2. Oh, it's so pretty! I love the design and the color. I hope your leg continues to improve! Sounds very frustrating.

  3. Things always get easier after a few repeats ... well, unless they don't and then they end up balled up in the corner:) Lovely green!