Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to Beading

It's been quite a while since I beaded a peyote-seed base, but I've actually sold out of them! This is the one I'm working on now:

Working with a free-form, as-you-go pattern is quite meditative, although it does take concentration. I'm enjoying the color combination of purple, lime green and orange.

The fabulous focal disk beads are from Etsy seller CabariBeads. I love finding components on Etsy and buying from Etsy sellers. It has a great community feeling to it.


  1. Beautiful , I love the colour combination , it has a very summery look . Very nice !

  2. This definitely reminds me of some of your drawings. Very pretty!

  3. I totally love this piece! I love the colors, the design and how you have used my beads. thanks for buying my beads and letting me know about your blog. A work of art! :-)