Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Brave Woman

Is there anything braver than projecting unflattering pictures of oneself onto a screen in front of a couple hundred people? Short of fighting the Taliban in Afganistan, I'm not sure there is.

Which makes Amy Herzog an extremely brave woman!

Amy was the March speaker for the Madison Knitting Guild, and she was fabulous. Her specialty is customizing sweaters to flatter ANY body shape. And she is very clear: all bodies are equal, none of this good or bad stuff for Amy.

This is a woman who practices what she preaches. She shows pictures of her own body -- rather straight lines, heavy in the thighs, short legs -- in unflattering clothing. Then shows how we can use clothing to achieve the look we want. That's her in the photo above; doesn't she look great?

Not being much of a sweater knitter (yet!), I don't feel I can describe the technical aspects of knitting sweaters that flatter -- but you can pre-order her book, Knit to Flatter, on I can tell you that she has some fascinating ways of shaping that really work.

If I ever prove I can knit a sweater, I'll definitely want it on my shelf!

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