Saturday, March 16, 2013

FO: When Beading and Knitting Collide

 Finally I've found a way to combine two of my favorite activities:
Yes, this bracelet was knitted with beads.

The pattern is from Beaded Bracelets to Knit, a Leisure Arts booklet by Leslieann Beller. It's a great little booklet with clear directions.

All the projects are knit with DMC metallic embroidery thread, which is both the key to success and the hardest part. Unlike cotton embroidery thread, the threads in the metallic stuff come apart and then tangle quite easily. I had about 5 false starts before I gained a feel for using this thread.
 The process is quite simple: string beads onto the thread, cast on three stitches, and knit all stitches except the ones with beads, which you purl. 

I used a motley selection of beads from my collection. You have to make sure they all have big enough holes to slide onto the thread. 

I found I needed to use a fairly tight tension to make sure the beads are firmly attached. For some reason, that process makes my right elbow hurt! For that reason, I can't turn these out as fast as I'd like to!

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