Monday, August 30, 2021

Sometimes Things Work Out

 My newest knitting project did not start out well. The Piquant Mix Scarf is made with three balls of Ella Rae Cozy Soft Prints. As soon as I started knitting, the balls began to fall apart. Since you knit with all three, this quickly devolved into a mess.

I had no choice but to frog, roll all three skeins into balls, and start all over. Thankfully it was worth it. It's very pretty -- not my colors, though -- and will be a gift for one of my nieces.

I had been planning to have my friends over for dinner on our deck, but my neck injury made that plan too ambitious. Instead, I made brownies and offered up brownie sundaes.
My wonderful friend Richard made two huge bowls of cold soup: watermelon curry and watermelon gazpacho. So, it was dinner after all!

Kola says: "Thank goodness it's cooled off around here." 

And I wholeheartedly agree with her!


  1. Glad the knitting worked out after a little tweaking of the skeins. Even happier you had time together with friends.

    As for cooling off ...........whew! Not here, yet. I tried sitting on the porch to knit while Steve was out on a fire call. Nope! Tooooooo hot. It's only 84°F, but man! It is HUMID!

  2. Watermelon Gazpacho sounds amazing!

  3. The scarf looks amazing: I like the texture and how the colors blend together. Oooh, brownie sundaes . . . Delicious!

  4. Oh, dear. Those tangles give me the willies. Been there. Done that. I had that happen with a giant ball of lace weight once and it was a nightmare since a very complicated shawl was on one end of it.
    Our kitties are still waiting for the cool off. It's miserable out there and now were expecting the Ida leftovers on Wednesday. Ugh.

  5. Those soups sound amazing (and perfect for end of summer) and the brownies have me salivating - LOL. That scarf will be so pretty - glad you were able to untangle things. And, happy you could get together with friends. Hopefully each day is an improvement for your neck.

  6. I hate it when yarn tangles like that -- although it is rather satisfying when you sort it all. :-) The project is lovely, so I'm happy you were patient enough to do that sorting and re-starting. Your gathering with friends sounds wonderful. I hope you're healing and feeling better each day.

  7. Cooled off?! What's that?! lol
    The tangles are annoying but I usually enjoy the challenge to make order from the chaos!

  8. Isn't it weird that some yarns are unruly and misbehave and tend to knit up so nicely? I love the yarn and the knitting.

  9. Some yarns just fall apart. I have to admit I'm in the group that likes to untangle and make order. I'm sure it's the "making order" part that I most like.