Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday Felines

 I'm missing this cat, who lives with my daughter in Denver:

Vashti is a very sweet, mellow cat. She'd like to be more friendly, but Rachel's first cat, Delilah, hasn't gotten over not being an only cat.


  1. Some cats are that way-unfriendly to other cats in the house; I have two that way! This one is a sweet one!

  2. Fur grandbabies are just as great as regular grandbabies! I haven't seen my daughter's cats since January 2020. I used to sit them all the time but thanks to the pandemic they haven't been traveling. I missed seeing her latest kitten grow up. She looks very much like Vashti but has about 10 pounds on her. Emi grew up to be a real rolly polly.

  3. Such a sweet photo of the two of you!