Saturday, September 4, 2021

On Sketching

 Sketching is one of the things I want to focus on in my retirement. I even went out with a friend when the temperatures were skyrocking.

Here's a photo of the scene. As you can see, accuracy is not my strength -- or even my goal. I like things that are wonky.

Last week, Keith drove me to Baraboo, a cute little town, so I could sketch and he could bike on some different roads. It's the home of Circus World, birthplace of the Ringling Brothers Circus, so there are painted elephants all over town.

I was drawing some of the old buildings downtown there when this man, about my age, came up to me and said, "Someone has a hobby."
"Keeps me out of prison," I joked.
"I did nine years in the big house," he replied. And he did. Told me his entire life story. It's a very friendly town.

But the best part was when a middle-aged woman came up to me and told me she owns an art gallery. She looked at my unfinished sketch and asked if I'd sell sketches of Baraboo at her gallery. Of course I would!

So, here's the sketch. It has a major mistake, but I can trace it onto a new piece of watercolor paper using my lightbox and correct it. Then I'll add watercolor.

Neck update: I got the neck brace off yesterday. They warned me that my neck would hurt for a few days because the muscles are out of practice -- and it does hurt! More worrisome. I have some signs of kidney damage from the mistakes in the ER, so they ran tests. I'm sure I won't hear anything over the holiday weekend.


  1. Your sketches will be a hit at the art gallery - congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the good news from the gallery! I want to see ALL the painted elephants now though! And fingers crossed for good news about the kidneys.

  3. I love your sketches! I always look forward to when you post them. I admire anyone who can draw what they see wonky or not.
    I am so sorry to hear of your new health worries. If anyone deserves a smooth ride in retirement you sure do.

  4. Your sketches are good. I like the whimsical quality you have in them. Your outing sounds like it was quite fun as well as interesting. And to be asked to show your sketches!!!! How flattering.

  5. Oh my gosh .... you've been through the ringer. Sending good vibes for good test results.

    Your sketches and watercolors are beautiful!

  6. I love seeing your sketches and watercolors. You are amazing and how cool to have a gallery owner approach you! Congratulations. So sorry to hear about yet more health issues - sending all the healthy juju your way. Take care.

  7. I love you posts that include sketching and watercolor!!!!
    Great pieces and congrats on the art deal!
    What a hoot to hear the story from that guy from the big house! lol

  8. praying for your kidneys and that it is temporary damage!! I'm glad you have your neck brace off and I always admire your sketching skills and watercoloring skills!!

  9. Your sketches are so charming! I imagine they'll be quite a hit in Baraboo (which I visited as a child . . . back before they had all those elephants!) I'm glad your neck brace is off -- now here's to continued healing and good news about your kidneys. XO

  10. Congratulations. I bet it feels good not to being wearing that brace. I hope the muscle soreness improves soon. The sketches are lovely. I'm in awe of anyone who can sketch or draw or paint. Stick figures are about all I can manage.