Sunday, February 26, 2017


The title of this post is to be sung to the tune of "Anticipation" by Carly Simon -- at least by those of us who remember that 1970s hit!

I have finished two shawl/scarves, Brickless and Perhaps, Perhaps, and now I need to do some serious blocking. Actually, I finished them both last weekend, but haven't begun to block.
Brickless in Wowza by Miss Babs
Am I the only one who hates blocking? At least these two projects don't need to be pinned or strung on wires. Both of these have lace or netting, so I know that I will be pleased with the results. Still, there is something tedious about blocking.
Perhaps, Perhaps, in gray and black from MadTosh and green from Sun Valley
Both of these are going to be gifts. Go me! Two holiday gifts done before March 1.  I now have a hankering for some selfish knitting.

And speaking of procrastination, I am not keeping up on the embroidery piece I'm calling "My Grandfather," which I'm doing as part of the Jewish Artists Lab. I like my idea, and I like some of the execution. But the embroidery is not fun for me to do.
See all those lines? They all have to be embroidered. And they are all in browns and black. I am a color girl. I love bright, rich, deep colors. This is the last time I'll lock myself into such a brown color scheme.  I know that all my knitting pals out there will understand. Isn't color part of what we love about yarn?

I am still feeling under the weather, and I'm finding that many others have had colds/flus that last for weeks. So tedious! I did see two movies this weekend. On Friday night another teacher and I went to see Rock Dog with two students. It was quite entertaining, and I'd highly recommend it as a family film.

Keith and I saw Moonlight last night. Mistake! It's almost as depressing as Manchester-by-the-Sea. Both are beautifully written and acted -- but SO sad. I think I'm going to get serious about avoiding depressing movies. Life in Trump's America is sad enough!

I read on Mere's blog that some Republicans want to make cuts to the school lunch program. What??? If they had to face these kids every day, they'd see it differently. There are two kids who I feed every day -- and others that I feed from time to time.  You have to have a very low income to qualify for free hot lunch; these are genuinely hungry kids! And hungry kids can't learn, which will make it harder for them to become functioning adults.

These are hard times for many Americans. Working with many poor students and immigrant students helps me realize how lucky I am.


  1. Most Americans would be surprised how many teachers spend their own money helping kids by providing food, supplies, clothing, and many other immediate needs. God Bless you for helping kids in need.

    Embroidery lines are what I do best - embellishment stitches, not so much.

    Love the shawls! The recipients will be thrilled.

  2. Your shawls are so beautiful!!!! I can't believe you got them both done so quickly. Your embroidery project is just amazing. It may be tedious but it's going to be a masterpiece.
    Feel better! I've escaped it so far this year....knock on wood.

  3. Bravo on your shawls ! Sorry the Jewish Artist project is not to fun. IT IS SO COOL I want to show it to my friend abby She will love it.
    Nowyou need to pick apattern just for you.
    Why am I not surprised that youfeed two children every day ? God Bless you .

  4. First off thank you for feeding those students. I am not sure people are aware of how much teachers give to their students in the form of lunch money, supplies and love. What is going to happen? Look up House Bill 610, which the Republicans are trying to pass which will do much to destroy our public schools and the needs of those students needing more help, all special services including Ap classes and a lot more. It is horrific to read so wait until you are feeling better. By the way now that you are totally depressed I love your knitting and embroidery projects. You are so talented my friend.

  5. Teachers are AMAZING! My daughter by default (my best friend's daughter...and, therefore mine too) is a teacher and is SO giving. Your shawls are so beautiful as is your embroidery. I know what you mean with the browns and blacks, but it will be a stunning piece. Back to the top of your post...that was one of my favorite albums in the day!

  6. I was appalled at most of what Trump has done, but kids deserve all of what we can provide. Yes ........maybe their parents *could* have done better to serve them, but they didn't and we MUST provide for them as a nation. :-( Trump is an ass.

    But, on happier notes ----------your shawls are beautiful. I've only ever blocked on shawl. I didn't mind the work, it just that it had to lay out on the floor for a couple of days to dry and keeping Giroux OFF of it and not pulling out the pins was almost impossible.

  7. so with you on that blocking thing....and congrats on having things in the gift column already!!! you go girl!!!

  8. I like blocking, actually! Except for shawls, ugh. All that pinning is tedious.

    It's awful what Republicans in congress intend to cut, not just for schools, but for all kinds of essential programs. I can't speak for rank-and-file GOP voters, but the ones who hold office don't seem to care at all about anyone but the rich.

  9. I can't handle super sad movies either. I really hate violent or full of sex ones too. So that means I avoid R rated. Funnily enough, I do not mind salty language :) :) I'll come over and block everything for you okay? I don't mind that bit of the knitting.

  10. Send your shawls here - I will gladly block them and send them back to you! And, I am with you - cutting school lunches is evil. No one will ever convince me that Republican's care about anyone but themselves. It is sickening.

  11. Those pieces are both lovely. But I'm with you - blocking is a pain. At least in our house it is, where we don't have someplace to block stuff where no one ever needs to be.

    I spent the bulk of my elementary school years as a recipient of a school lunch. Thank God for them!

  12. Gorgeous shawls! Sending you positive vibes for blocking (finishing work is the worst -- not the creative part, more like a chore, but a necessary evil). I'm with you -- so upset about these proposed cuts. Hungry kids can't learn. Sick kids can't learn. I'm just heartbroken these days... and mad. Hang in there, you're fighting the good fight, and there are lots of people who care. We just have to figure out how to work together and change the world.

  13. Your students are lucky to have you! Love your newest projects, all of them. You are so talented! I'd rather block than sew in ends.... As for this Administration, it's the worst in my memory, just totally disgusting.