Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wrap-Up of a Week

It was a busy week, which means it was much like most weeks during the school year. It started out with a treat at Monday night's Madison Knitters Guild meeting: Laura Ricketts talked about her research on the knitting of the Sami people, formerly known as the Lapps, a a derogatory term no longer used, who live north of the Arctic circle spanning Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.
I've always been fascinated by people who live near the North Pole, so I thoroughly enjoyed her talk. It turns out that the Sami people don't do a lot of knitting -- they have depended on reindeer for centuries -- but they do make gorgeous mittens. Some of the Sami-style mittens she has knit are shown in the photo. She has an ebook with six patterns, something I'm bound to purchase sooner or later!

Working with high school students can be emotionally exhausting. This week seemed to hold more traumatic events than most. I don't mind that part of my job, but it can be draining.
The week ended, as they always do, sweetly. One of my colleagues is THE BEST cookie baker in the world. I normally would not touch a ginger cookie (no chocolate -- not worth the calories), but Jim's cookies are always worth the calorie splurge. He always brings in a tray of cookies on Fridays.

Note: Jim is in his late 50s, but slim as a racing greyhound. He's a devoted runner and a coach for the cross country team. He can probably eat as many cookies as he wants! I like him anyway.

The weather this weekend is both amazing and terrifying:
Temperatures are not supposed to go well over 50 degrees F in Wisconsin in February. Still, it is lovely weather.

For my quilt, I need to figure out how to color a face using Derwent Intense pencils, my favorite medium for cloth, so I experimented on paper:
Keith admired my creatures from outerspace. Not quite the comment I was looking for. Now I have to get up the courage to put pencil to cloth. I wish I would have colored the face before I assembled the quilt top. At this point, I have no room for error.

Still half a weekend to enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh! I would be all OVER that ginger cookie. They are my favorite, especially if there is candied ginger in them!!!

    Hope you have a good week this week and good luck with your coloring.

  2. Those mittens are just beautiful! I keep telling myself I need a pair of fancy ones like that but it's so much yarn and so little time anymore.

  3. Those mittens are lovely! And, I am sending you good thoughts for your drawing! Happy weekend!

  4. So many lovely things!

    Yes, working with high schoolers is exhausting and my week was also particularly draining. I have 2-3 students who just don't care but expect me to let that slide and it keeps me on edge every day. Why am I so afraid of them? haha

    I wish I could eat all the cookies I wanted without worry, but alas that's only for a fair few.

  5. Gorgeous mittens! My color-knitting skills would not meet the requirement to knit a pair.

    Ginger snaps are one of my favorite cookies. Jim's look tasty.

  6. You deserve wonderful cookies after a draining week. Hope you are rested up this weekend.

  7. Ginger cookies and milk, a great treat! Love those mittens, too. Hope this week at school is better. Does it start with a day off for President's Day?

  8. lovely mitts! sorry that work is emotionally stressful right now, I bet the students appreciate you. I love ginger cookies and they are worth the calories!

  9. Yum for ginger cookies! Love them. Those mittens are gorgeous. Hoping you have today off for Presidents' Day and that this week is easier for you.

  10. Those mittens are gorgeous and I love the colours. I think anyone would make an exception for those cookies! I hope your week is less draining and that the quilt went well.