Friday, June 17, 2016

The Way Life Should Be

I am sure I am not the only teacher -- or employee of any type -- who feels that real life only happens in the summer. School is just so overwhelming. This last week has been magical. I can take life at a reasonable pace and do the things that are important and that I love.

Today I had a refreshing bike ride in the cool morning air and ended up at my parents' community, where I had breakfast with them.
The bike path near my house.
I had time to restart the beaded collar in colors that I really like:
Twenty inches of this and I'll be done.
A friend wanted to try polymer clay, and I had a few hours to teach her. I made some beads for the first time in a couple years:
Do you see a lot of pink today?
I cooked a recipe that I've wanted to make for ages, the enchilada recipe from the Oh She Glows Cookbook -- a book I learned about from a blog friend, perhaps Nichole of Frontier Dreams? The filling features sweet potatoes, black beans, and spinach. Really amazing dish.
Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas
I spent time weeding the yard, decluttering the house, and even doing paperwork for school. But without the frantic pace and demands of school, it was all enjoyable. There is something terribly wrong with our modern life. Americans work more hours than any other people in the world, and we pay a terrible price for it, both physically and emotionally. I wish there were more jobs that allowed Americans to have a life!

I am grateful for summer break. Tomorrow Keith and I take our annual sojourn to Door County, the "thumb" of Wisconsin. The weather forecast calls for warm, sunny days. I hope your weekend is filled with blue skies and fun.


  1. Have fun in Door County!!!!

    Your beaded necklace is beautiful. I love the colors you chose.

  2. Your clay beads are amazing. I've been watching Youtube video tutorials on how to make them but I've not seen any as gorgeous as yours. I've got the clay, but not the talent, I'm afraid.

  3. Have a wonderful time n Door Co. I love it there. Enjoy your time and relax.

  4. Love the new version of your collar! Have a fabulous time in Door County, and don't forget to visit the yarn shop! BTW. your polymer beads are awesome.

  5. Oh happy SUMMER to you! Tell JULIES MOtel I say hi. THey rennovated last winter. IT looks from photos like it has the same motel feel but with fresh polish and more rooms. I LOVE their food. Send us photos of any and all of the DOOR! Happy Cherries time

  6. you MADE those beads?!?? WOW. Have fun in Door Co.....I have a friend who lives there; amazing FUN place!!!! :)

  7. those beads are dreamy!!! have a fun trip and stay safe :) Glad you are enjoying the no school season.

  8. thank you for your words! It's been really tough and I am really looking forward to carving out a different path. I can already picture it, so we are on the right path. My hubby is also miserable at his job. Corporate jobs nowadays are soul suckers.

  9. I so look forward to the summer - ours is 5 weeks away and I'm counted down the days!

  10. Your summer days sound lovely. I'm so glad you are enjoying them. True what you say about work, and teaching must be one of the most difficult jobs. Enjoy your summer. I feel it's going by way too fast.

  11. It is a joy to see your fine creative projects! I have been collecting beads for a necklace and have added a few beads here and there on various projects, but have never made beads or sewn them into intricate patterns. I admire your work! I saw sweet potatoes used in lieu of noodles in a blog recipe and was inspired to try it. It was yummy and I can imagine your recipe tasted great too. xx