Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekend Doings

Despite predictions for rain, we had a dry and sunny weekend. I should have been weeding and trimming hedges. Instead I went to some open studios with friends and worked on the screened porch.
I've made good progress on this sock, but I've put it into hibernation.
I can't find the second skein of yarn, which just killed my desire to even finish sock #1. It will turn up eventually. In the meantime, I've decided to finish the second sock to a different pair.
I went out on the bike -- something I have to do more. My feet problems limit my walking, but I can bike just fine.

While I was out biking, I stopped to finish this sketch, which I started last weekend.
Tomorrow my mom is having surgery to have a pacemaker inserted, so keep her in your thoughts!


  1. Best wishes for Mom!
    Super sketch...I love the bench sitter!

  2. Best wishes for your Mom and good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

    Your bike looks really nice. What kind of bike is it? Looks comfy to ride.

  3. Pace maker! Yes, you are in my thoughts! Xoxo zz

  4. It's a very pretty blue sock - I hope you find the remaining yarn soon so that it can have a mate!

    I think we must have got all your rain last weekend. We got buckets of it! The garden is super happy, and I think the grass has grown about six inches!

    Fingers crossed it all goes well with Mom and that she feels great after a quick recovery!!

  5. I love to go biking too!

    Nice sketch - I can't draw to save my life. ;-)

    I'm keeping your mom in my thoughts - but my gut feeling is that she will be fine. Take care.

  6. Good luck to your Mom, I am keeping you both in my thoughts.

  7. thinking of you and your mom today.....and that sock that i'm sure is with you while you wait. thank goodness for our knitting.

  8. I need to get a bike, I keep thinking I'd love to go for a ride but I don't have a bike.

    UGH on the socks, that is so frustrating!

  9. praying for your mom. Love your bike and how nice that you could get out! maybe over summer vacation you can do a little bit every so often, feet and weather permitting of course.

  10. I'm reading backwards here...and am glad your mom's surgery went well! Thanks for letting me see your fine State Street sketch. Your work expresses a warmth and liveliness that invites me to enjoy it! xx

  11. Nice sketch! And I, too, am glad your mom's surgery went well. Hope today she's feeling great!