Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekends Are For Family And Food, Right?

This is embarrassing, but I made it to the Farmers Market for the first time (this year, that is) Saturday. It took a visit from my cousin Eli and his wife, Mary, who visited from Chicago. The market rings the Capitol and is very pretty:
It was so much fun having them in town. They spent Friday with my parents and Saturday with us.
We had a wonderful time shopping downtown. I even discovered yarn at the Market. The vendor doesn't have an online presence, so the market is the only place you can buy her naturally colored wool. It's all sheep colors, except for a yellow that is plant-dyed.
And then there was my downfall. I just couldn't resist this cow-shaped cookie:
With one sweet bite, 19 days of my no-sweets diet came to an end. Strangely, I don't think I've mentioned this diet on the blog. A few years ago, my friend Tsela came up with the idea of just cutting out all desserts and other sugar-heavy foods. It worked. She lost 12 pounds without altering anything else in her diet.

I did it for 30 days a few years ago and did drop a few pounds. I have a very demanding sweet tooth, so the first week is a struggle. But, I swear, if you can stay away from sweets for 7 days, the cravings subside. I have been stuck at a weight that is not only higher than what I want, but above the healthy range for my height, so I dropped sugar at the beginning of September and have been losing a pound a week painlessly.

And then I messed it all up yesterday. I will say that the cookie was VERY good. Still, I'm kind of mad at myself. But I can't un-eat it. All I can do is reset the clock. It's almost bedtime and I haven't eaten any thing sweet today. Let's call it Day 1. Again!

ETA: I did NOT eat the whole cookie. Mary and I shared it!


  1. I just got to our local farmer's market for the first time in a few years myself. I have to say that I would have had to eat that cookie too. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I had chocolate cake for dinner last night. For reals. Tonight I had the rest of the cake AND ice cream. Tomorrow I am going to see if I can go all day with NO sugar. I'm sure my pancreas will thank me for it.

  2. We've been trying to cut out sugar entirely from our diets ... that and sodas are terribly unhealthy I think. How did you resist those baskets of rainbow carrots?!

  3. The Madison Farmer's Market is so special with such a lovely setting. I used to go all the time when I was an undergrad there. I hear ya about having a demanding sweet tooth. I now make sure that whatever treat I am eating is really good so it satisfies my cravings longer. So having a really good cow cookie, while it broke your no sweets diet, was at least worth it and as they say tomorrow is another day...

  4. one sugar misshap in 19 days is not bad at all!!! I'm betting this time around you'll go even longer. (i wouldn't have been able to resist that cow either...HaHa)

  5. I think you're still doing very well. It's so difficult to avoid sugar altogether. The cow is beautiful, what an amazing cookie. It's a new day to get back on the wagon! :)

  6. I saw the yarn booth! I LOVE that cow cookie and would have caved for it too!
    That's okay. Just drink lots of water today and flush it out

  7. I think you have to be easy on yourself, I mean how often do you get to eat a cow coolie? Jump back in and you will be fine. I am not sure how you could pass up that yarn booth.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Um, that cow cookie was definitely worth it. You have proved you have the ability to endure a strict no sugar diet. I hope you are able to find your way to a balance. Maybe a cookie per week or something. But if this is best for you, I understand and I love how you are able to embrace it. But that cow cookie was awfully cute and you're a sharer!