Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Success in Knitting and Reading

I just zipped through the Shredded Cowl, which is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Knit-Purl magazine and I just love it. I will have to do an FO picture later. While this photo makes the yarn look purple, it's really a burgundy red.
This is a easy project that knits up fast. The downside? Each one of the 19 i-cords has two ends that must be woven in. I didn't mind. I am sure I'll be making more of these. Oh, and it looks great on, too.

Finally, after three months, I finished Nixonland by Rick Perlstein. I mostly listened to it on an Audible recording, but I got the book out of the library so I could go back and check things I had forgotten or was confused about. Yes, I listened to all 36 hours! It is a very good book, but also very depressing. I didn't think I could get more cynical about politics, but I was wrong. Nixon was a masterful politician, but he was a horrible man who refused to end the Vietnam War because he thought he couldn't be elected without it. At any rate, I'm actually considering listening to another one of his books. Really, it was that good -- if you love history and politics, that is.
I am about halfway through Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones. It's very interesting, but I hate the way it is structured. The narrative jumps from person to person and issue to issue and then comes back to those people and issues at later points. I've given up on keeping track of the people he uses to tell the story. Somehow, though, it's still quite readable.

You might remember the cupcakes I baked all day in the heat Saturday. Totally worth it! Here are the beautiful bride and groom:
I've known Ilana since she was in utero and I am so moved by the the strong, loving woman that fiesty little girl grew into. Her mom put together an amazing celebration that went from 1 to 10 p.m., starting in a park and ending with a buffet dinner.  I just hope my daughter doesn't think I'm ever throwing a 9-hour party! It was a moving event. These are the moments that make all those years of worry and carpooling and laughing arguing worthwhile.

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  1. she is beautiful and they look so very happy together!! Weddings are a big "to do" no matter what is planned if you ask me, I'm still recovering ;) lovely fast knit you got there. (btw, when you commented on my blog you used a blogger profile acct that did not link to your creative blog but your school blog)

  2. Wonderful Bride and groom photo. So Relaxed. Wow her mom created memories that will go on and on. Love your cowl color!

  3. Your cowl looks terrific. I love a quick knit. That purple yarn is gorgeous.

  4. i think you have a 9-hour party maybe even a whole weekend party in you !!! What a wonderful time you must have had.

  5. Nice cowl! I just read somewhere that fringe is really in right now! Sounds like a fun wedding.

  6. The cowl looks great! I'd love to see you wearing it. 19 i-cord ends is a bit of a drag, but the look I think is worth the effort.

  7. That is a gorgeous cowl and seems well worth all that weaving in!