Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shop with a Blogger

Earlier this year, I was lucky to receive a sampling of lotion bars in the beta stage. Maker and blogger Alicia Landi of Woolen Diversions was looking for feedback on three different samples she had made. I was not a very helpful sampler, though, as I loved them all!

Thankfully, other testers had some preferences and, with their help, Alicia went on to launch Sweet Sheep Solid Lotion Bars:

This is great stuff. At the risk of sounding like a paid ad (which this is not!), I can say that it's not even December and the air here is cold and dry. My Sweet Sheep Solid Lotion Bar is keeping my hands from being painfully dry!

The bars are handmade from all-natural ingredients, like cocoa butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, meadowfoam oil, and vitamin E oil as well as lanolin. And the scents are amazing! I pulled a Turkish Mocha-scented bar out of my purse recently when I was at a restaurant with friends and everyone at the table was seduced by the scent. They all wanted to know how they could get one of these.

I bought enough for all the women in my family for Hanukkah (none of them knit, so I don't think I'm giving away anything).

By now, I'm sure that you want to know how you can get your dry, chapped hands on one of these. It's easy because Alicia has an Etsy shop here.

The only problem you'll have is deciding which one of the amazing scents you want. I do highly recommend the Turkish Mocha, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

And speaking of shops, I have my one craft fair of the year tomorrow. It's a great show that benefits Madison's Arboretum and the show features only local producers. You can get everything there from clothing to organic honey to jewelry. I have been taking it easy this weekend but I'm going to have to get going today.

I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. I am always happy if I can have both my children at the table at the same time. Seth lives here in Madison, but he's in vet school so I don't see a lot of him. Rachel is in grad school at the University of Miami and she did not enjoy the wintery weather here. Still, it was great to have her home. She flew back yesterday and the house is too quiet without her.


  1. From Miami to Madison is quite a change! Brrrr. If you ever decide to come to Seattle, let me know! (It doesn't always rain here either; today we woke to a bit of SNOW!)

  2. Awwww. I need some lotion or bars that's for sure. Having retired from nursing, my hands are dry, but no longer cracked and bleeding ! Progress. Nonetheless I want to keep them soft! Thanks

  3. This post was such a happy surprise, it made my day, thank you! I'm so glad you love the bars! Turkish Mocha is one of my personal favorites as well. :) Thank you for spreading the Sweet Sheep love!!!

  4. family time is always the BEST time!!! glad you were all together!!!!

  5. Good luck witht the Fair,

  6. It's hard letting the kiddos go back to their lives, isn't it?

    Ours stayed for two days and now I miss him all over again.

  7. I agree - I have a mango bar and I love the way it smells when I use it. Alicia's bars are just so genius !

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