Sunday, November 30, 2014

Because of the Packer game...

...foot traffic is way down this afternoon at my art fair!
The place was pretty crowded this morning but things slowed down quite a bit about an hour before kick-off.

I don't mind just hanging out. A lot of people I haven't seen in ages show up. A few minutes ago, a former student happened by, which is always fun. Plus I have been working on this:

Last year I did very well at this show. This year I'm just glad that I am not losing money!


  1. Yeah ......nothing can compete with a Packer game. LOL

    A little less busy, means more time to "visit" with each customer. That can be a good thing too.

  2. Wow your booth is beautiful!!!

  3. I'm sorry the packers took away from your business, but your goods look lovely. I love the color combinations.

  4. The Packers do come first, well at least at my house they do. How did the sale end up?