Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally, the Loot

I didn't expect to take a full week to blog about my trip to Vogue Live Chicago last weekend, but I did. I attended a school board meeting Monday night and waited three hours to speak! I got to bed late that night and spent the rest of the week in a state of sleep deprivation. The week ended on a high note with the entire 8th-grade team dressing as M&Ms.

Yes, there was shopping. I know. I know. I said I was going on a yarn diet after the Sheep and Wool Show in September. But now I really have to stop shopping!

First up is this fabulous skein from Fleur de Fiber of Chicago. As many of you know, I love deep pinks and therefore was absolutely required to acquire this skein, which I think is going to be a hat someday:

Ombre dying is all the rage this year. I have to admit that I have a weakness for it -- especially when the colors are this awesome. This skein, which will eventually become a cowl, is from Mia Bella Yarn:
I've long wanted to try my hand at crocheting with beads. Seeing as I know nothing about crocheting, I need to start with something simple. The lovely ladies at Bead Biz set me up with these supplies and instructions for a simple bracelet.
 And given how well my stranded mittens are going, I decided I'm ready to take on something a little more complex:

I picked up this kit from Windy Knitty. It's my first experience with the famous Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool. Kate Davies designed the Scandinavian-style hat. I love the design -- sans the pompon. There is a photo inside the leaflet of the crown without the pompon, and I like that much better!

At least I'm not buying random yarn anymore. I do think I'll knit every one of these ... eventually.

And last, here are the M&Ms. The students really got a kick out of our costumes.
I am so lucky to work with an amazing group of teachers!


  1. You picked out some lovely yarn. I can't wait to see your stranded hat. I agree --- no pom pom.

  2. It's really hard to resist buying yarn, isn't it? Ask me how I know. TeeHee. I was going to send you that washcloth pattern but can't find your email? Mine is jatshaw at I like to combine washcloths with handmade soap and have been very happy with soap from Cranberry Morning (name of blog) and she's from the Badger State, too. (So am I...grew up in Shorewood and went to UWM.)

  3. I think you showed extreme restraint I mean look at how much you didn't purchase! I love everything you did buy and that pink is just amazing.

  4. aww you M and Ms are amazing! I love your hat plans in fair isle

  5. Oooh, so many pretty things. I've been yearning over Jamieson wool too. My someday project is an Alice Starmore sweater in a billion colours :)

  6. Love your loot. I'm pretty sure yarn diets don't include special festival purchases. :-)

  7. Dang, I keep telling myself to stop buying yarn too, yet this weekend I succumbed to 3 skeins of Madelintosh Merino, but it was on sale!

    Your loot looks great. They will bring you even joy as you knit them up in the future.

    You teachers are amazing. You bring so much effort and aid to others, when you go this extra step for fun too, it just raises my awe level.

  8. great stash additions!!!!! and what a're right, you have a super team!!!!