Monday, September 8, 2014

What I Bought

I actually think I was admirably restrained at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend. I did, however, make one MAJOR "investment" in two huge skeins of Briar Rose Sonoma, a heavy worsted weight wool.

Pretty huh? It is destined to be a Harriet's Jacket. There was a sample of this adorable sweater at the Briar Rose booth, and I just fell in love with it. With three unsuccessful sweaters behind me, I actually think that this is one that I can complete. I'm even going to swatch!

We noticed that the ombre style of dying is really popular. Most of of them were packaged in cakes like this one. The real color is more green-blue than it looks in this photo. It's Coloration from Ogle Design, which is based in St. Francis, Wisconsin. I love the way shawls look when they are knit from these skeins.

And this one was on sale! It is Sweet Feet by Interlacements. Yes, I love wild colors. I think this will make a really fun hat.

My mom was a bit horrified that I bought more yarn. I don't think I've been successful in convincing her that a stash is a good thing!


  1. You can never have too much yarn, I especially like the sweet feet ;)

  2. I just do my best to avoid alerting my mom to new stash acquisition :)

  3. I think it is pretty awesome you can still horrify your Mom, especially because of yarn. I love your choices, seriously how could you leave them there for someone else to buy?

  4. I had to buy at the festival too. I just had too. I wanted a really nice wool that was soft and not too processed. Now I cannot wait to cast on….but I will make myself finish my lace gloves first….torture
    i love you mulit skeins too! Good choices

  5. Stash is ALWAYS a good thing ......said the stash-a-holic me. LOL

    Looks like you bought some lovely yarn.