Sunday, September 14, 2014

Too Cold For A Yard Sale

The temperature did not rise above 43 degrees F during my sale yesterday. I ended up layered in hand-knits. It took a bit of digging to locate my knitted items because it was summer a week ago!

The sale did not go as well as I hoped. It started out great when two women bought $84-worth of wool yarns, leaving me with this on the yarn table:

The whole box of acrylics sold later. What didn't sell were the rubber stamps, and I had really great stamps for sale! I didn't sell a single set of Stampin' Up stamps (which are top of the line, for those of you who do not stamp). In five hours I made about $140. Not terrible, but not great, either.

I did not knit after shutting down the sale. I napped, which is very unusual for me. I think the cold wore me out!

Friday's dinner went really well. The other family I invited is vegan so I made Ratatouille and my friend made a bean dish. My mom brought fruit salad and brownies.  I think everyone had a good time. For the Ratatouille I pulled out the original Moosewood Cookbook. I have to say that the result was disappointing. Vegetarian cooking has gotten a lot better since the 1970s.

I'm going to brave another cold morning today to get some exercise, biking with a couple friends. Then I need to buckle down and do some work that I brought home from school. Almost time for another week!


  1. Sorry to hear that it didn't go as well as you had hoped! Good that you sold the acrylic at least. Have a good bike ride! That is such great exercise. Take it from someone who knows, vegetarian cooking is hard. I haven't mastered it yet!

  2. Well, at least you made a bit of money. It's been cold here and in KS also, so there must be something going through. Hopefully it will warm up a bit in a few days.

  3. So sorry the sale wasn't what you were expecting. I gave all my rubber stamps to a friend, I had hundreds of dollars worth of them, just no time to deal with them anymore. Your yarn has found new homes to be happy in, and the rest might find a new home too, maybe donating to a place that makes blankets for the elderly?
    Hugs and happy Autumn,

  4. I think you did fantastic. Yard sales here are hardly worth the effort. Everyone chews you down to nothing…

  5. I can't believe that it got that cold so early! WOW! Makes you wonder what this winter is going to be like.

    Glad you sold what you did. $140 is nothing to sneeze at.

  6. I can't believe it was that cold! Wow! Good for you clearing out some yarn. I'm thinking of listing some of mine on Ravelry, to reduce the guilt. Happy week! Wish you were going to Rhinebeck!

  7. Well you made a ton more than I did at my yard sale. I vowed never to bother again. As for a vegetarian dish, next time the need arises you may want to consider this one:

    I replace 1/2 cup of broth with a can of diced tomatoes and it's awesome!

  8. I'm impressed with your profit at the yard sale. And look you moved some stuff out, so if you bring anything else in ...

    No, no, I'm not encouraging or enabling you. I'm far too lazy to have a yard sale, even if I had a yard. Don't tell my mother. Now, THAT is someone who needs a yard sale.

    Vegan cooking can be tricky for me compared to vegetarian. I do like a "roasted or grilled" ratatouille, where I basically just roast or grill all the vegetables and rough chop them and mix together and season accordingly. It's not fancy but it's generally tasty. You make me want to go look up recipes :)