Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adorable And Adictive

These first three weeks of school have been pretty draining, so I've been embroidering towels to unwind.
In a way, I hate using up time on pre-made patterns, but they are so cute and will make sweet gifts. There is something soothing about these mindless projects.

I've been knitting, too, but I didn't want to feature the same project over and over!

This morning a bunch of people from the writing program I participated in this past summer got together to begin a writing group. It was amazing. We had a great turnout. We started out by writing from a prompt one participant brought, and shared. Some of us brought in pieces that we've been working on. I almost didn't share mine. But the others encouraged me, and then gave me feedback that was both useful and supportive. We're planning to meet monthly. Maybe I will actually finish this short story!

We're having company tonight, so the house is clean! Isn't that a great feeling? I was busy all day, so I hope to have a more relaxing day tomorrow.


  1. I love your stitch work. I admire it and am amazed its relaxing to yoU! THey are darling.
    YOu go girl with your writing!!!!
    It is nice to have company and then have a clean home!
    WE entertained about once a week this summer and it really made us keep up with housework.
    I had a very lazy day and loved it.

  2. love the's something i usually really like to do, too....i just can't seem to get away from the knitting to get much done.

  3. I wish I didn't suck at embroidery - yours is always so charming. I know exactly what you mean about a clean house! My brother's flying in for a week at the beginning of November so I'm cleaning too!

  4. Oh I love those towels - nice job!

    I love writing, and would love to be in a writing group. But I'm too lazy to find a class and/or a group ...

  5. Those towels are adorable. I didn't know they even made that kind anymore. That's what I started with when I was first learning to sew as a kid.

  6. I am so glad you are meeting with your group and I am glad you shared, your last work with them was so wonderful.

  7. Whew, embroidery always looks like such hard work! Look at all that beautiful detail!

  8. Dish towels are such a lovely gift. I'm envious you find them mindless! It sounds like that summer writing program was so great that you are all coming together on your own now. I love the clean house feeling. I loathe cleaning -- seriously, loathe it.