Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where The Heart Is

I come from a family of guys -- dad, brothers, male cousins -- so most of the recipients of gifts from me are not going to be very happy with a bracelet or shawlette.

Last month, I was really struggling to come up with a gift for my brother Eric. The idea came to me one day when I was going through my craft supplies. I came across some adorable rubber stamps in the shapes of hearts and houses, and I came up with the idea to make this:

All the tiles are handmade (by me!) from polymer clay. They are stamped, cut to shape, and painted with acrylic paints. If you look closely, you can see these words: Home is where the heart is.

I know it's not a super manly gift, but I think he'll like it. (No, I haven't mailed it yet, but, hey, he was England over Christmas!) He's moving into a new phase of his life and somehow this seems to fit.

It was one of the most fun projects I have done in a while.

ETA: The stamps are from Invoke Arts. Check them out. They do amazing work!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the tiles. Eric is a lucky brother.