Saturday, January 5, 2013

Up North

You may have read -- or at least heard of -- the book titled "Little House in the Big Woods." Well, those woods are right here in Wisconsin. I have to admit that while I am in Wisconsin's wooded North, it's not quite the same area as the Laura Ingalls and her family.

"Up North" generally refers to the top third of the state, everything north of Highway 29, which runs from Green Bay west through Eau Claire and  on to the Mississippi. I love, love, love being up here -- especially when I am with my wonderful friends.

My friend Lisa rented us a lovely four-bedroom cabin in the Minoqua area. Ironically, there is at least as much snow in Madison (four hours south of here) than there is around Minoqua, but we haven't let that slow us down. Three of us are avid cross country skiiers, and we've been out every morning. Sometimes there is activity in the afternoon, too, but sometimes there is reading, talking -- and knitting, of course. It is so relaxing that I'm dreading going back to the real world on Monday!

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  1. This looks so fun! My boss was supposed to go skiing in Minoqua this wekeend, but sadly, not enough snow and her trip got cancelled. :(

    I was a big Laura Ingalls Wilder fan as a kid and visited many of the sites around the Midwest. I just read an interesting book written by one of my neighbors -- The Wilder Life, by Wendy McClure. It's nonfiction -- about the author immersing herself in the world of Laura after the death of her mother. Really interesting!