Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sequence Knitting Really Is All That

I first heard about Cecelia Campochiaro's book Sequence Knitting at Knitting Camp this past summer. Meg Swansen sang its praises, and I was able to page through a copy, but I didn't get what the hoopla was about. Besides, it's a large book with a price tag to match.
Then I saw that Campochiaro was going to be speaking at our Guild and teaching an all-day class on a Sunday. OK, I thought, it might be fun to take the class. And it was.
The book, my notes, and one of my sample knits
A Ph.D. chemist who works in Silicon Valley, Campochiaro is smart, funny, and down-to-Earth.  She is a patient teacher who knows how to start with one skill and build on it. She brought a trunk-load of samples, and they sold her method (which I'm not even going to try to describe for fear of not doing it justice) as much as her lively enthusiasm. I was experiencing a lot of pain on Sunday, but her class was both fun and calming -- and for 6 hours I was able to ignore the pain!
Samples from the class. Mine is the blue one in the center.
The scarf in the photo above is my next project. I've been auditioning yarn from my stash. When you are knitting a scarf out of fingering-weight yarn, you need to love the project; you are going to be knitting this for a good long time!

As for reading, I just finished The Light Between the Oceans. It is, as my friend Joan claimed, a very good read. It is also a heart-wrenching story and there were times when I found it a bit hard to read. I'm not sure how I feel about seeing the movie. I don't know how it could live up to the book.

I'll be joining up with Ginny for Yarn Along. See you there!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day. So true, when you pick up the little needles and the skinny yarn you better love it because you will live with it for a long time.

  2. I saw her speak at MKG meeting and she was absolutely wonderful. I found her so motivating and inspirational. Being a PHD chemist myself, it was nice to see another women in the field. I am so glad you loved her workshop. I am saving my pennies for her book. :) We really need to meet up and knit soon.

  3. Sounds like a fun class! I'd not heard of that kind of knitting so will be anxious to hear how you like doing it. That's a good book! Right now I'm reading The Secret Chord to prepare for hearing Geraldine Brooks speak next Monday evening.

  4. I have that book on my Christmas list...I am fascinated by it! I also have that book on my "read list" but I have been reading around it - I am not sure I am ready for it yet.

  5. Just checked out the book online and I think it looks both elegant and interesting, but thankfully for my bank account I find it resistible at the moment :) I'm glad you enjoyed the class and I appreciate learning about the book. I am sorry you are in pain, but glad this distracted you from it!

  6. The class sounds fabulous, I need to look up her book. I read The Light Between Oceans ages ago, I really loved it but the ending...... I was not happy.