Tuesday, August 11, 2020

This and That

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I suspect that has something to do with going back to work -- even part-time work interferes with the fun parts of life! I suspect I will be glad for the human contact once winter arrives -- so I shouldn't complain. Still, I am beginning to mourn the end of my summer break.

I apologize for boring knitting content. I am making good progress on my 3rd (and last) Kate's Poncho.


I can hardly wait to cast on something new!

My Summer Quilt (for lack of a formal name) is coming along. It was looking kind of dull so I added more appliqued leaves. And I just love the hand-quilting because it is so meditative.


There has been a bit of sketching. There is little part of my neighborhood that has modern, really expensive homes (every house is expensive in Madison!), so I tried drawing one of them:


Next time I'll pick a house that isn't a big brown blob! It's a lovely house, but not much fun to paint!


  1. That house may be a brown blob, but I love your sketch and painting of it. I remember visiting Madison years and years ago and I loved it. College towns appeal to me anyway. Your quilt is beautiful! And your hand quilting does look as though it would be very meditative. So Zen-like.

  2. The quilt is amazing!!

    Long ago I took a class in Boston on how to draw buildings. YOu put that class to shame?

  3. That house looks like my neighbors house. I've always loved their wood siding. When you live in the woods you need wood siding and whoever built this house thought white vinyl would be a good idea. It's not. Right now it needs a good power washing but it's too hot and buggy to even think about it.
    I LOVE your quilt. What beautiful jewel tones. I find hand quilting very meditative too. Not sure why because I always end up with holes in my fingers. Araignee

  4. That summer quilt is very pretty. I like the added appliques.

  5. The appliqué leaves add a nice touch to your quilt. I love the colors of the quilt. Have a safe school year - so much added stress with the virus.

  6. Maybe not fun, but it is oh so pretty. I love the tulips in the front yard.

  7. All your artistic expressions are beautiful! I love the knitting! the applique and the painting! Oh, just fantastic!! Have a lovely week!!

  8. I love your sketch! Do you sketch from photos or plein air? And, yeah. Work (or even work-like) commitments will really eat up the day. . .

  9. The poncho is coming along-you are getting close to finishing it soon!
    The sketch is great! Isn't it fun to do architecture?!

  10. I hope work is less stressful this year for you! lovely knitting quilting and sketching!!