Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hugs to All of You

I am so blessed to have you all as friends. I actually cried -- in a good way! -- as I read your comments on my last post. Thanks you all so much for helping me chase away the blues. And for sharing your own struggles.
I have picked up my Vodka Lemonade sweater again, and it feels good to make progress on it. The actual color is much more yellow than this photo shows.
When I look at the large numbers of people taking anti-depressants and the long lists of titles of books to help people with depression and anxiety, I can't help but think that there is something terribly wrong with our society. For one thing, Americans work far more hours than people in any other industrialized country, and we take far less vacation. I know that this 13-week slog between breaks wore down not only me, but my colleagues and students, too.
My Year of Stitches project has been a source of joy and comfort these last few months.
Knitting -- along with our other creative ventures -- is one way to escape the high-pressure world we live in, don't you think? It's no accident that DIY and hand-made have become movements. Nor that a knit hat became the symbol of the women's march in Washington. Every stitch is a protest of the hyper-pressures of today's world.

They also bind us to other people. Another group of people who keep me afloat is the Jewish Artists Lab. You may remember that I painted a portrait of Judy Chicago as part of a project launched by my friend Pam, in which we are assembling a "dinner party" of Jewish artists. We got together last weekend for a painting round, and I did this one:
It's Diane Arbus, who is famous for photographing "outsiders." It doesn't look as much like her as I'd like, but it's close enough!

Again, my heart-felt thanks to all of you!


  1. Wow, your Year of Stitches project is fantastic! You are extremely talented in all that you do.

  2. Nice work! It must be so nice to have friends to share your creative endeavors with. I sure miss my knit nights.

  3. Your year of stitches is beautifully done.

    I think many people had anxiety/depression issues before last year. I think many more do now and those that had issues before are feeling them even stronger.

    I know the current political climate has REALLY worn me down.

  4. Your year of stitches is gorgeous, I can see how that would bring you joy.

  5. I am so glad that we your internet friends made your worries lessen. I find my internet community to be uplifting in crisis and we need only to say what is going on to hear some helpful comments. When I had my major RA flare, I felt better reading all of the well wishes and prayers.

    Our country is the worst for helping with mental and physical health....

  6. I am so glad to see you back here! As always, I am amazed at your projects - Vodka Lemonade is one of my favorite sweaters ever! I love the color of yours! And, you stitching... some day we will have to spend some time together - I would love to learn what you do!

  7. Oh my! Your stitching is incredible - so gorgeous, so colorful, so fun!! I love it. And your sweater, and your painting....just glad to see you back again and happy that you are feeling better. I agree that the US is horrible about work/life balance (and, of course, our political climate isn't helping anything!!).

  8. Your year of stitches project looks so nice. I can feel the motion in it, does that make any sense? I had to look up the vodka lemonade pattern simply b/c the summertime name is so fun. That sweater is going to be fun and perfect for the summer. I hope it's as fun to knit as it looks!

  9. Love your stitching project; it's fantastic! Glad you found some nice new thread to enjoy. What a great painting, too. You are multi-talented and I'll bet you're one great teacher as well.