Monday, May 16, 2016

In Between Cleaning

If you walked into my house, you would think it's in reasonably good order. But when I look through the rooms from the perspective of putting the house on the market, I see clutter and little repair jobs all over the place!

We definitely want to sell the house in 2017, and I feel like that barely gives us enough time to get it ready. Especially these days, when staging is everything. When I bought my first house, people just picked up. Now I feel the need to really cull and clean.

So we spent much of the weekend working on that project, but I did have some breaks for friends and crafting. I finished a second market bag:
The yarn is Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, which makes a nice, dense fabric and comes in great colors.

And I added a few stitches to my Door  County cross stitch. I love the way it is coming out, but I am discouraged by how much more there is to do. I am almost done with the building, but there is a ton of foliage ahead of me.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. You are making good progress on all fronts, it seems to me, but I sympathize with how daunting it is to have big projects that require much work, even if some of the work is fun. I have yet to make a market bag, but want to do so and I admire the one you made. I hope you have a good week, too! xx

  2. Okay I want that Market bag and I want some ice cream and I mean some ice cream. Hard pack Maybe from somewhere near me!

  3. The market bag is great. The colors are so pretty. I'm very impressed with your cross stitch. I've been trying to clean out our home. No plans to move yet but I want to be ready when it's time.

  4. I love market bags. I am so happy our farmer's market is up and running again. I need to take my bag to the market.
    As for moving....every time The Mister and I think about it we look at all the junk and change our minds. Moving is such hard work.

  5. Great colors in your market bag!

  6. I like how the house blends into the fabric, almost ghostlike, but I am sure the foliage will change that.
    Loving the bag also! Good luck with your house, YOU CAN DO IT!

  7. Love that market bag and its great colors! Your cross stitch is looking terrific, too. All those tiny little stitches.......

  8. The market bag is adorable. In addition, Madison is a great place to sell a house. It will sell so fast because the market is really for sellers right now! Most houses are on the market for only a few days!

  9. The thought of cleaning and culling this big house of mine makes me shudder. Everything has to look brand new now when you want to sell. We have gouges out of all our walls and doors from Little Buddy's walker, it will take a lot to get this house on the market.
    Hugs and good luck,