Friday, May 13, 2016

I *Heart* Magazines

Clearly I'm not the only person who loves magazines. Look at the magazine section at Barnes & Noble. It is jam-packed. And craft magazines are the best! They make for perfect eye candy. And I get so much inspiration from them.

When it comes to knitting magazines, Knitscene is my favorite, even though I think it's aimed at a younger demographic. It tends to have the most wearable patterns, although I can't see myself wearing the tight sweater on the cover of the latest issue:
However, there is a tank top inside that I think I could pull off -- if I were a good-enough knitter.
Sometimes the best patterns are in the ads. I love this simple poncho:
I wonder if you can own too many ponchos? I have two right now and I love them. Have I mentioned that we keep our house at 62 in the winter?

Another magazine I really love is Anthology, which is decorating/lifestyle magazine. A couple weeks ago, I found this issue on sale at Anthropologie.
Turn out that it was on sale because it's the last issue. I looked on the web and the founders didn't give a reason why they were discontinuing it. I am disappointed. Where else will I find stories about how to decorate your yurt:
We are expecting a cold, windy weekend, so I'll be spending some time with this magazine, which is one of my favorites, in between cleaning and errands:
What magazines do you love?


  1. I have to check out Knit Scene

  2. Spin-Off, Victoria, Wild Fibers, and the UK edition of Country Living are the magazines I have most enjoyed in recent years. I have liked the look of that poncho, too, but wonder if it would hike up annoyingly if one moved around in it. Perhaps you will give the pattern a try and let me know what you think :) xx

    1. I buy a lot of the UK magazines - Country Living, Period Living - and some others... I really enjoy them.

      Linda in VA

  3. I used to subscribe to tons of magazines back in the day. I had piles of them but the internet ruined all that. No I have tons of digital downloads on the Kindle and it's just not the same.

  4. I haven't bought many knitting magazines since Ravelry came along. I pick up Spin-off each month, although I haven't touched a wheel or spindle in some time.

  5. Knit Scene and Interweave Knits are my favorite magazines. I am trying not to buy so many as most of the time I am disappointed in the projects, but Knit scene always finds a way into my basket.

  6. I quit the knitting ones because Ravelry took over, I love taproot and sometimes some cooking ones. I do like to stand and do a flip through though!!

  7. I am a huge magazine addict!!! I don't often buy knitting ones - as others have said - because of Ravelry. But also because the magazines are so expensive and rarely do I find any patterns in them that I want (or can) knit.... I buy quilting magazines - even though I don't quilt. My favorite is Quilt Sampler. I buy tons of gardening magazines - even though I don't garden! I love the magazines with vintage flea market finds in them. Love to buy Women Who Create and Women Who Cook (those are pricey - but still buy them)... I could go on and on - LOL!

    Linda in VA (the magazine addict)

  8. I love magazines - I love The Knitter and Pom Pom Quarterly. You are a good enough knitter btw, knit yourself a lovely top!