Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'Tis the Seasons

What do you get when you combine the upcoming holidays and fall?

Yes, I am hard at work on my Green Bay Packer socks. I hope the color comes through on screens because Jaala of Knit Circus really got the colors right. I think they will be a perfect gift. And work has been intense, so mindless knitting is much appreciated!

I"ve also had an itch to get back to embroidery, so I opted for an iron-on design and a dishtowel. Eventually this will be a gift, too, but first it is going to serve as a sample for some classes I'm proposing at my parents' retirement community.
 I'm also thinking dishtowels would be a good project for my Gift Club at school. I have to find inexpensive crafts because I pay for all the materials! It's sad that there is no money because my students are mostly on free/reduced lunch and they jump at the opportunity to make gifts for their families. Such is the state of education in America.

My reading is all about work, too.
Crossover is a young-adult novel told in poetry. The writing jumps off the page, which is appropriate for a book about basketball. However, I am not a sports fan, so I am forcing myself through it. I think it will be a great read-aloud for my crew this year.

Between the World and Me is writer Ta-Nehisi Coates book-length letter to his 15-year-old son that addresses living in the United States as a black man. It is very good and very intense. Painful, at times. I'm hoping to find passages I can share with my students.

After these two reads, though, I'm picking something that is just for me!

Joining up with Keep Calm and Yarn Along. Hope to see you there!


  1. With your generosity and creativity, you have very lucky students. They say, creativity flourishes when resources are limited. I so admire teachers like you !!!

  2. You are generous and KIND.

  3. My blog post for tomorrow is "Tis the Season" I wrote it several days ago...hahahaha. Great minds and all that!
    I totally hear you about funding your student's projects. When I first started teaching we had a $250 art budget each year and got to order what we needed from a county catalog. They had some wonderful stuff. Then it all stopped and they assumed we would just foot the bill. Of course we did, and more.

  4. Can't wait to see your socks! Have you seen the scoreboard scarf/cowl free pattern? I can't understand why the arts aren't valued more; that's the best way for some kids to learn! When I first saw the towels, I thought, strange hamburgers? LOL That's going to be a nice towel; I love hand embroidered stuff.

  5. I like your embroidery design, have fun crafting with your students

  6. How clever- the embroidery design is so different- love that!

  7. The towel is going to be adorable.

    Can't wait to see your Packer socks!

  8. Well, your embroidery project is just adorable! I've been wanting to get into embroidery myself but never seem to find the time. I've got "Between the World and Me" on hold at the library. It seems like a very interesting read.

  9. There is just so little funding to cover expenses at work, I know because I pay for all of that myself.
    Hugs to you and happy creating!