Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oops! I Did It Again

Not long ago, I messed up my very simple Pelerine shawl by missing the end of a round. Inadvertently, I began knitting in the round, which totally disrupts the garter stitch. I painstakingly pulled apart the Unspun Icelandic wool and reknit. ... until I made the same mistake again.

I decided that there was a message behind making the same, very stupid mistake twice. I pulled out the needle and cast on a second Pelerine.

I'd realized that I needed to make one as a gift, but didn't want to buy a second needle so I was rushing through the first one. Hence, the mistakes. You may wonder why I didn't just finish the first one and give it as a gift. Well, here's why:
It's all about the colors. The pinks and blues in the first one are my colors. However, the person I want to gift prefers Earthy colors. So, I ordered a few disks from Schoolhouse Press and launched into a second shawl. And I'm so glad I did. I hate rushed knitting. What's the point of that?

Did you notice how the disk of Unspun Icelandic in the first picture has been elongated? That's what happens when you leave the disk sitting around the living room of a house with cats!!

It's a beautiful sunny day here, but cold. I went for a walk with a friend this morning and we both wore mittens. Oct. 3 is a little early for that, even in Wisconsin. There is so much around the house that I should be working on, but I've been having quite a bit of neck pain lately, so I suspect I'll have a lot of knitting time while I apply heat.

Any home remedies for neck pain?


  1. Yes, the knitting goddesses are talking to you I think. Sorry to hear though that it involved more frogging. I love the earthy colors - very pretty. It's quite cool here too 42 this morning!

  2. Oh Sorry you are sore. Glad you have warm mittens.
    Ideas for neck soreness: sounds silly but put a pillow under your arm while you knit. It changes the stress you put on your neck/shoulders.

  3. Oh no! Sounds maddening. I used a similar type of unsound wool from Oregon for a Pembroke shawl a couple if years ago and really enjoyed knitting with it. Less fragile than I expected!

    I used to use an aromatherapy fleece neck wrap thing that was filled with rice and lavender, etc., that I warmed up in the microwave. Helped quite a bit.

    Brrr... Chilly here, too, but not mitten territory yet.

  4. Oh, no.....I hate it when knitting misbehaves but I like your thinking. Brrrr....mittens already? I am already in socks. I hope this doesn't mean we are in for a winter to remember.

  5. Well, if it makes you feel any better about messing up something simple, I'm here to tell you that until today, I have been completely flummoxxed by Feather and Fan, which is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world. I'm still not 100% sure I have it, but I *think* I might ...

    Love those earthy colors, I have to say!

  6. Both color combos are really pretty.

    I use a foam roller on my neck and back. It really helps the muscles relax. That and a bit of ibuprofen and I'm usually good to go.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Argh, so frustrating! At least the path now is clearer. I really like those earthy colours. I too use a foam roller to loosen up tense muscles. A tennis ball can work equally well, too.

  8. Nice, relaxing, slow, stretches and Tiger Balm, found at most health food stores, it is what I always suggest for any neck or back pain.
    Hope you feel better today.

  9. I think it's mitten weather here too but can't say for sure because I've just stayed inside and knit ;)

  10. Yikes, mittens in October??? Not a good sign. Hope your sore neck goes away soon. I had no idea that Schoolhouse sold yarn! Looks like nice stuff!

  11. I've had patterns kick my @ss repeatedly and then after a few weeks rest my brain is suddenly in the right frame to get it done. Here's hoping the gift shawl version goes well. Pretty, pretty colours!

  12. Wow. I have never heard of that happening, but I am glad you found a solution.. Both look beautiful !

  13. love that I know have a brittany spears song in my is nice outside but over the weekend up in Canada it was quite cold and my body was in shock!!