Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quiet Saturday: Cleaning and Knitting

I know there were only five days in my work week, but it felt like 10. Usually I feel settled into the school year by mid-October but this year feels twitchy. I know that one factor is the continuing stream of new students we are getting from Milwaukee and Chicago. I got a new student this week, but he seems like an awesome kid. Still, every new special ed student needs a boatload of paperwork completed!

At least I'm not alone in feeling like this is a tough school year. Friday morning one of my co-teachers walked in the door of our classroom and asked, "Who needs chocolate?" as she held out a bag of mini 3 Muskateers candy bars.

So, I was ready for a quiet weekend. And my house is more than ready for a decluttering. I started the day by heading out for coffee with a friend. She wanted to go to The Sow's Ear, a coffee shop/yarn store in a nearby town. It was a beautiful drive. The sugar maples are showing their richest scarlet color, and the fields are a lovely fall gold. And, I managed not to buy anything!

Then it was time to get down to work. I started with kitchen and then moved onto the bedroom. Then it was time for a knitting break:
I've begun to call this "My Big Dumb Shawl." It really is beautiful, thanks to the unspun Icelandic yarn, but it is a LOT of garter stitch. And now the rows are really long!

Then it was time to start on the really hard room, my craft room:
Can you believe I'm even showing this in public? I'm a bit surprised myself! It really is awful. I just have so many projects going at once. And it is so much more fun to create than clean up, so every 6 months or so I have to do a major decluttering and reorganizing. This time I'm going to try to get rid of some stuff, too. Maybe a lot of stuff. 

This may take a while ...


  1. YIKES!!! (Ha! Listen to me!!! That looks just like my closet!!!!!!!)

  2. My craft storage is my bedroom closet. Every once in awhile it gets to looking like your photo. Then it's time for a major reorganization and purging.

    I just did that last Thursday. Things are "sort-of" organized now.

  3. My whole house looks like your craft room. I can't keep up with the messes I cam always making. That shawl is beautiful. I love a big hug of garter stitch on a cold night.
    It always took me until Halloween to settle into a new school year. Then it was all uphill to the winter break and then the long slog after. I am so happy to be retired. It's such a hard job.

  4. Nice shawl and just in time; I heard it's getting right chilly out your way? Looks like you have lots of fun in that room of yours. Love the shawl, BTW.

  5. I love your shawl - sometimes mindless knitting is GREAT!

    I "need" to have a nice organized place to get work done. BUT, I can't seem to work neatly. rarely put things back, and BOOM! Before I know it, my work areas a big hot mess!

    Are we going to get "after" pictures?

  6. Oh my. . Your shawl is pretty!! I m off to tackle the back closet. The smelly shoes from summer must go!

  7. I think that your room is very much like many of ours. I try very hard to keep mine under control because it is near my front door, but it still gets out of hand. I just did a craft table de-clutter this weekend, I had to get my piles off of it.
    Hugs to you,

  8. I can't wait to see that room when it's clean. I know your pain though - I am decluttering my art room today so I can start painting. I am glad you were still able to get a break away and enjoy time spent with friends.

  9. If you lived next door, I'd come over and tidy it all up for you. I am really good at that. I love seeing creative spaces and what everyone has on their needles or minds. Looks like you are living life and that is what it is all about. LOVE your shawl.

  10. My hat is off to you. I was just thinking of posting a picture of how SPECTACULARLY messy my sewing room is right now in order to give myself a "baseline," but I hadn't the nerve. You're not the only one with clutter--you're just braver than the rest of us. :)

    P.S. Coffee and yarn shop????? I am so jealous! Of course, maybe it's best that we don't have one until I work through my stash......

  11. Don't judge, but in my apartment EVERY room needs a tidy and then some. Life is busy and I'm impressed you're able to get as much done as you do.I'm glad you found some quiet and some time to knit. Ahh, garter stitch.

  12. Your craft room looks very similar to mine at the moment! Time for a good declutter and organise :)

    I love the colours of your Icelandic shawl too

  13. At least you have a craft room... my creativeness have seeped throughout my WHOLE house. !!! xoxo