Sunday, January 4, 2015

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Well, it's the very last day of winter break. It's cold and snowy here, which is just fine with me. I was hoping to have a pajama day and just laze around.

It's been a good break, especially since my daughter was home for all of it. I've also enjoyed spending time with friends. I even worked for a few hours yesterday! That will make my week start out a little smoother.

During the school year, I can get pretty casual about cooking. But in Rachel's honor, I did quite a bit of cooking over the last couple of weeks. I made one of my all-time favorites from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: Baked Squash Galette with Carmelized Onions.  You can't possibly go wrong with butternut squash, Vidalia onions, and Fontina cheese:

My knitting has been random. I've been hopping from one project to another. My first-ever charity knitting is going well:
These are mittens for children ages 6 to 8, which I will be mailing to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, one of the poorest areas in the country. There is a Ravelry group here.  The pattern is my variation on the Ann Budd mitten pattern. I need to get it written up before I forget it, so I'll post it eventually.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday and are ready for Monday, whether that means work or not.


  1. That's great that you are making mittens..I've donated to them before...but the last couple of years I've been making things for our own students....I teach in one of the poorest districts....I give the hats to the social worker and she passes them out to needy students or families....

  2. Your holiday sounds wonderful! We love pajama days here! We try to do it once a weekend! I love your mittens they are adorable. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Good job on the charity knitting! Those mittens will surely be appreciated. Enjoy this last day of break! When I was teaching, I figured the best learning took place between Christmas and Spring breaks! But I guess there's a Midwinter break these days some places?

  4. I can't believe it is back to school already. I worked most of the last two weeks but I did not have to worry about the teenager getting off to school by 6:25 Am or Little Buddy in the dreaded car line for his arrival at 8:30, but back to regular schedules we go.

    Good luck,

  5. Oh that Baked Squash Galette looks just scrumptious! I made my long weekend after Christmas pajama weekend. It was wonderful. Those mittens are adorable and I am sure the recipients will love them!

  6. I'm glad you had a great holiday with your daughter and friends and family. I hope re-entry goes well for you. I love that you've put some charity knitting into your crafting time. I'm a Smitten Kitchen fan too :) Happy New Year!

  7. Those mitten will be treasured - it's really great of you to do that :)