Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ah, Life! (And Knitting, Too)

I don't know how to write this post without falling into cliches. Last night, the first of my childrens' peers got married. It was one of those circle-of-life moments. I met Ilana's mother in Lamaze, when I was pregnant the first time. When Seth was a few days old, Lisa brought Ilana to visit our apartment, braving the December cold with a 10-day-old baby Ilana.

Ilana is the same age as Seth. Ilana and Rachel were in the same Israeli dance group and went to the same summer camp. Lisa and I rode the motherhood rollercoaster together, through happy and hard times.

How could Ilana be old enough to be married? I mean, I understand the math, but it was breath-taking to watch her and Stefan pledge to join their lives. I remember her as a stubborn little girl, as a kind friend, as a talented dancer. And now she is all grown up. She is intelligent and passionate and loving. I feel so honored to be part of her life.

 In the spirit of love and compassion, I thought I'd post a photo of the mittens I am knitting for The Children of Pine Ridge before I box them up. I want to send them before winter ends!


  1. Ilana was a beautiful bride. I wish her and her husband many, MANY happy years together!

  2. It is amazing to see them grow from tiny little ones into adults who marry and have jobs and kids. I wonder if anyone thought that about us as we grew up?

  3. Great snapshot of the happy couple . We are at the same point in our children's lives! How fun that we have forged friendships with our children's friends families! They are few and rare but wonderful. Pretty bride!!
    Love your mittens

  4. What lovely mittens. And congrats on the marriage. Isn't it something to see someone age so fast! I have a couple of second cousins who are almost 5 and I remember when they were born !